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ALERT: The release date for Episode 103 is the week of August 10, 2020.  D'ffecult and D'manding is finally BACK!


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Jan 5, 2018

ALERT: My next ridiculous episode is called 'Stand Up or Lay Down.'  Episode 8 release date is January 12, 2018.  For immediate access, engage with the show with a simple click to subscribe or follow.

Download this episode, unplug from life and dive all in.  I am discussing 'Common NO Sense’.  Here are some of this episode's Real Talk Highlights:

  1. The RNCs support, lack of support, and support of Roy Moore’s campaign.
  2. Democrats trying to be everything for everyone but in the end to no one.

Now, as always, I am Keeping It Real and this episode is no different.  So, climb aboard and enjoy the entire show, because I am ending it with plenty of ridiculous honesty!

Once the podcast episode ends, together, we are 'Keeping It Going' on my website with this episode's Real Talk Questions:

  1. How ruthless or shameless have you been to achieve your goals?
  2. Was it worth it in the end?

Reach out to me and send your Real Talk Answers and comments to, Instagram @DifficultandDemanding, or Twitter @MrsDandD.  Send episode topic suggestions. Let me know what you think about this episode. 

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