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Dec 14, 2017

ALERT: My next ridiculous episode is called 'Make America WHAT?!? Again'  Episode 5 release date is December 22, 2017.  For immediate access, engage with the show with a simple click to subscribe or follow.

Download this episode, unplug from life and dive all in.  We are discussing 'What the F@*! Did You Just Say?'  Here are some of this episode's Real Talk Highlights:

  1. Have you caught your significant other cheating?  What was their response?
  2. If you believe in stereotypes, then you run a high risk of making yourself look foolish.
  3. What did you do after hearing such madness from people?

Now, as always, we are Keeping It Real and this episode is no different.  So, climb aboard and enjoy the entire show, because I am ending it with plenty of ridiculous honesty!

Once the podcast episode ends, together, we are 'Keeping It Going' on our website with this episode's Real Talk Questions:

  1. What is the most bizarre thing you have overheard or someone has said to you?
  2. Have you ever said some bizarre things?  If so, then what?
  3. How did you handle the situation?

Reach out to us and send your Real Talk Answers and comments to  Send us episode topic suggestions. Let us know what you think about this episode. 

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