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ALERT: The release date for Episode 99 is the week of July 13, 2020.  D'ffecult and D'manding is finally BACK!


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May 25, 2018

ALERT: Episode 28 is my next RIDICULOUS episode.  The release date is June 1, 2018. 

Download this episode, unplug from life and dive ALL IN.  Today's show is called ‘Cut the Bullshit’. 

Here is this episode’s segment schedule:

  • Podcast Intro (start time: 00:00)
  • 🌹 Come into My World 🌹 (start time: 03:31)
  • Rob Porter Scandal (start time: 39:40)
  • Your Ideal Mate (start time: 52:25)
  • Podcast Outro (start time: 1:04:51)

Here are some of this episode's Real Talk Highlights:

  1. Are you ready to meet the only person that gets you?  Then you are ready to meet yourself.
  2. People wanted to know how and why Rob Porter had a job at the White House.  It’s because they were scared to fire his violent ass.
  3. What is your ideal mate? Do you have one? Or do you like any and every thing that moves in front of you?

NOW, as always, I am Keeping It Real and this episode is no different.  So, climb aboard and enjoy the entire SHOW, because I am giving PLENTY of ridiculous honesty!

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